About Us

Dinq Magazine is a bridge that connects Ethiopians with one another as well as with citizens of different nationalities. Our readers come from all walks of life; including all ages and all backgrounds. Our articles are carefully selected by our editorial committee. They reflect unity, love and also important issues that portray our day to day lives. 

The various topics of our magazine bring audiences of all ages. We receive hundreds of letters each year from our readers with positive feedbacks. We are nonpartisan to all religious views and political groups and our magazine is there as a forum for discussion of all topics. 

One of the advantages of advertising on Dinq Magazine is that YOU have the right to edit your ad and change your design every month. As our magazine comes our every month, your advertisement comes out as well. We love our readers because they are bright, active, diligent, and goal-driven; aside from the fact that they love us. We are also proud that Dinq Magazine is the 1st Ethiopian advertisement magazine in the US and it is a highly demanded magazine that is completely taken off shelves in few days of its release.